River Sisters

It's mid summer already! Here in Oregon, if you aren't near the ocean or a lake; the river is the best way to cool down. Our temperatures haven't been crazy hot over here but they are warm enough to tolerate our frigid river temperatures. Oregon seriously has some of the coldest waters I've ever swam in. But I love it so. Hope you got to spend time in your local river. I'd love to hear what's your favorite spot over in my instagram comments.

Happy Wednesday ❤


This week I had another piece slated for the blog but I kind of wanted to work on it some more so I switched it out for a painting I made last night. I wasn't sure if I had anything more in me because I had been drawing all day but I went to my monthly Ladies Drawing Night last night. Combined with some art supplies, good company, good food and conversation, I came up with these florals. I named this piece "floreale" which is Italian for "floral". I love drawing when there's no plan and it's all stream of consciousness. It feels so easy and intuitive. My favorite.

Happy Wednesday ❤

Let's Get Physical

So, I wouldn't have described myself as the most athletic person but I don't like to sit down for very long so I started upping my physical activity over the years. There are so many ways you can move your body and I had to find something I wouldn't get bored with and most importantly - simply liked. I started training about 13 weeks ago and it's actually been really fun. The first four weeks are hard but once you get yourself in a groove of an upped activity, your body and your mind start to crave it. But there is a thing called "over-training". I didn't think that was what was happening to me, but I was feeling pretty fatigued and less motivated to move my body. So, I returned to my regular walking and cycling with some yoga for a couple of weeks. I am feeling less fatigued and refreshed to get back into my new routine. It's important to listen to your body and find a method that works for you. Don't be so hard on yourself if you get bored and want to change things up. The most important thing is to not stop moving your body at least for 30 minutes a day. But I am mostly curious - what do you like for exercise? I would love to know! Come comment and share over on my instagram.

Happy Wednesday 💞

Summer Life

Can I just say.... I love summer! I don't even care if it gets really hot, I just love warmer weather. I am a summer baby and I love all the little critters that come out to play during this time. These are insects I've met recently and some from long ago (I haven't seen a praying mantis since I was a kid!). There are animal totems for each, so I'm going to give some short meanings of each starting with the top:

Banana slug - enjoying life, taking one's time, abundance
Ant - community, discipline, endurance
Moth - awareness, transitions, discernment, finding your own light
Dragonfly - beautiful balance, releasing old habits, freedom
Beetle - rebirth, trust in the process, persistence
Butterfly - major transformations, joy, gentleness, change in life
Grasshopper - trusting your own instincts and rhythms, taking chances, intuition
Ladybug - manifestation, charm, communication, prosperity
Fly - journey not the destination, strength, courage, independence
Praying Mantis - calmness, meditation, creativity, patience
Woolley Bear - weather prediction, longevity, protection, cycles
Firefly - life force, guidance, understanding
Caterpiller - transformation, perfect timing, preparedness
Bee - productivity, empowerment, agility
Mosquito - art of timing, progression, rest, revitalization
Spider - balance, gentleness, strength, creative manifestation

I hope one of these little guys comes across your path!

Happy Wednesday 💞

Holiday Weekend Fun

The Fourth of July weekend is coming up and it's a semi-long weekend if you get Monday off too. I'm born on the holiday and since holiday birthdays are not ideal for celebrating, I started extending the celebration all week long. I have a few things planned so I am excited to celebrate myself starting today! The kick off is this fun summer drawing - I love love love swimming in lakes! [Little known fact: I have never worn red, white & blue on my birthday so this is the closest I come to it.] Got any great 4th plans? Head on over the my instagram @adriennevita to share it with me.

Happy Wednesday 💞