Endlessly Energetic

I'm coming off a semi-long trip to New York. For the first leg of my trip, I was showing my art and meeting new clients at Surtex and the rest of the trip was a mix of visiting with friends and family. On average we walked about 10 miles a day. I wanted to talk about having physical energy this week. Most days on my trip I had endless energy and I was buzzing off all the excitement and the people I was around. I noticed something pretty clearly throughout my trip, particularly when I was traveling and trying to get home. When I focused on wanting to be in bed, or focused on wanting to be somewhere else I wasn't - I noticed the fatigue would set in. I realized when I focus on the what exhilarated me - things like a comfy chair while traveling or new sights and smells while walking - those things kept me exhilarated and full of energy. Having energy is a state of mind - but having fatigue is a state of mind too. What you're focused on totally amplified what you're feeling. I practiced soothing myself when I felt waves of fatigue by reminding myself of the awesome parts of traveling. It's pretty awesome sitting in a chair 30,000 feet up in the sky, sitting on a train people watching, walking along and experiencing new things or the feeling of when you first walk out the door of a new place you're in. This is not to say that fatigue is bad - low energy shows me how much I like the feeling of tiredness right before I get into bed; much like feeling hungry before I eat. Lightening up about my energy levels really helped me through this trip. So next time you take a trip, enjoy the wild ride of energy you feel when you're traveling and remind yourself of that energy when you feel fatigue at times when you're home.