Riding the Wave

This weeks art piece is from the archives. Life can get pretty crazy with all the stuff we tell ourselves we have to do and all the unexpected things that pop up. You can either ride the wave and go with the flow of things or turn around and paddle against it. I know this is an abstract concept to think about when you are in the middle of a sh*t storm but think about all the ways you may create resistance in your life. Getting pissed about traffic, focusing on what you don't like instead of what you do like, saying yes when you really want to say no, pushing to get some measure of control, making plan after plan after plan.... We aren't here on this earth to religiously follow to-do lists and abandon our own needs. A lot of us are taught that being selfish isn't a good thing, that riding the wave means getting swept away or lost. Pushing back or making plans can give a measure of power or control but really it's just creating resistance. What I mean is, allow life's surprises to show you something. Find something beautiful in the mistakes. You can take your paddle and fight the current or you can ride this river of life downstream with ease. Power can be found in letting go of control or expectations. In the letting go you'll feel ease - and in the ease is peace and happiness. And that peace and happiness is far better than any measure of power and control you push for.

If you aren't where you'd like to be in life, make peace with where you're at. You are right where you need to be in this moment. There is no pain in the gain. You don't have to work hard, fight hard, play hard or pay your dues to get what you want in life. It all boils down to what you allow or disallow. So ride the wave! You may not know where it'll take you but that's the exciting part.

❤ Adrienne