Being Happy

Today's post is about being happy. Some may find being happy really easy, while some feel it easier said than done. I've found that being happy is all about focus - it doesn't mean monitoring or stopping your thoughts (which never works). It just means, redirecting your thoughts or getting off the subject when you find yourself... going there... By this I mean, what do you think about when you're alone in the shower, driving, or oh my...waiting for something and there's no phone signal?  Feel how your face is sitting, are you frowning or squinting? What was just trailing through your mind? Try loosening your facial muscles and focusing on something else if you've got some old memories or thoughts that are bringing you down. Some people think happiness is hard to attain but it's just a state of mind. Most people believe that happiness will be had once they have the thing, achieved the goal, gotten the accolades, etc... Being happy can be pretty easy if you believe it - mostly because beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking. If you keep telling yourself it's hard, it probably will be. Happiness isn't dependent on circumstances, your location, or anything - you could be sitting in a hammock under a palm tree, having a really bad time in your mind, if you choose. It's all dependent on what you choose to have going on in your mind.

I met with a friend a couple years back and gave him a brief reading - I was telling him that working for himself was perfect for him (as he was already doing it). He then said "yeah but it sucks - you always have to hustle for jobs". I get that, I truly do. But if that's your dominant focused thought on that subject, it surely will suck. I saw his career as pretty amazing (and his reading reflected it also) but he wasn't even close to reveling in his success. I am seeing now that happiness is totally perceptual. And it can be controlled by what you choose to focus on.

For this piece, I usually keep my sketchbook musings to myself. It's my place to be loose, sloppy, unencumbered, and make weird stuff just for me. But I decided to share this today. Mostly because I felt good making it and it feels good to show it.

Be happy, friends. ❤