So I went to Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico last week. It was an absolutely great trip in so many ways. The weather was tropical. But also we were up in the mountains so the days were very warm, nights cool and rain bouts that left you either freezing or like you were in a warm bath. With all these temperature changes, accidentally drinking some unfiltered juice with ice cubes in it and stopping my winter immune boost regimen - I got sick for the first time in a year. I've been managing keeping stress at bay by caring for my health but I slipped and now have a touch of bronchitis and some stomach issues. I returned home and duties are calling. My brain really wants to get back to things but my body is saying HELL NO.

I was listening to a podcast and the host actually took a week off. I was like whoa... you can do that? With all your listeners expecting a podcast from you each week? With your sponsors? But she had to for her health. In fact she took a couple of weeks. With that, I decided I will make an easier piece of art that what I originally planned (which was way more elaborate). I'm not totally taking time off this week but taking it easier. So, here is a tiger inspired by the painted wooden animals I saw all over Oaxaca. I picked a tiger because the trashy magazine [I bought to take my mind off of feeling so ill on the plane]; said the tiger is the new power animal for women! Metaphysically, tigers mean patience, persistence, determination, planning, strength and willpower. I saw a couple of early wooden painted animal masks and here is some art inspired by that.