When In Doubt, Do Something Calming

You know sometimes when there's a feeling of doubt, anxiety, or just general malaise? In those times, I just do something calming. I just try to figure out what will calm me in the moment and do it. Anything to shift, change my point of focus - even if it involves wasting time (as long as you feel good about it of course!) just go do it. Staying in the thoughts that never help you figure it out anyway - it's like torture. I've definitely been having a couple of those days lately. Walks, smelling flowers, watching a good movie, hanging out with friends, finishing a to-do list that is very satisfying and making art are all things that calm and soothe me. I'm still playing around with digital art and I thought; what are things I'm drawn to right now? Crystals, flowers and art. It was a nice calming piece to work on! If you are feeling a little off today, take a little time to do something calming just for you.

Happy Wednesday