Feeling Love

It's Valentines Day today and I wanted to share something about love.... We're so manifestation oriented. As humans, we're suckers for it. So much so that we put all our attention on the end result. We've all felt love. Heart swelling love feels the best. Even juicier if you have a person or object of attention you are directing your love to. So today, if you can, focus on the feeling of love for awhile, rather than the object of attention where you direct or receive love back. Focus on positive aspects of yourself, what you love, get into the feeling of love. Because it's about the feeling. Enjoy it. Feel it!

On a side note: Thanks for hanging around while I took a winter break! I'm going to stick with this blog but reduce posting to about every two or three weeks on Wednesdays. I will post more regularly (but randomly) what I am working on and other fun stuff over on my instragram. I am most active there so, go to your app on your phone (or download the instagram app or follow on the web) and click follow at @adriennevita ! And if you like crystals and more mystical things, follow my new rock shop over at @dreammakercrystals - I have a lot of fun over there so see you on instagram!

Happy Valentine's Day! ❤