Zodiac love

Hello Zodiac people!

We have just entered into the ARIES astrological zodiac phase for the next 30 days. I just updated my zodiac card line but also included these zodiacs as prints too! Visit my shop to get a card or a print in yours or your loved one's sign.

I've been doing zodiac sign "things to know" on my instagram (you can catch up with Aquarius and Pisces there) - so here are some things to know about ARIES:

Aries is THE RAM. You can see the constellation in the Northern Hemisphere between the Pisces and Taurus constellations.
Aries people are fire signs which tend to lean into using action in their lives.
Their dominant keyword is: I AM.
Their flower is the geranium, honeysuckle and the sweet pea.
Their metal is iron.

Aries are known for being very active, energetic, excitable and impulsive. They are pretty optimistic, open to change and always up for a new experience. Aries usually are capable of juggling lots of things, people often wonder how they do it. Aries people are very courageous and people love to have them on a team. Known for gravitating towards the action, they are natural born leaders. Careful if success or things don't come to you immediately as you tend to lose interest fast. Independence, being your own boss and lucky things coming your way can happen in an Aries life. Aries make great friends and are sincere, open-hearted givers.

Happy Birthday Aries! ❤