No Worries

Sometimes I get a little stuck when I think of stuff I can’t control. When life sends you in this direction, when you notice your thoughts, your limitations, what others are doing, and just a general feeling of frustration. Just stop, take a moment to notice your thoughts and know that you can’t figure it all out right now. Put the issue to rest. When I feel overwhelmed with thoughts, I step out of my studio and go to my tiny little garden. When you feel an impulse to do something like that, you shift. Even if it’s just to get up and grab some water, you’ll see where the next movements will take you and your thoughts simply follow. Taking your mind off of your worries is the best thing you can do. I love nature and just being outside for that reason – it allows you to look up and feel the expansion. Stop and smell the roses, pick something from your garden, look up at the sky – do whatever you can do get outside today.

Happy Wednesday ❤