On the Road

We took an impromptu trip this week! I usually have something planned but decided to be spontaneous and take Happy Wednesday on the road with me to see what I came up with. I'm completely inspired by the culture, the colors, the food and the people here. I'll reveal where I am in next weeks post! Maybe this art piece may clue you in? Hope you are having a good week and a very Happy Wednesday. 💞



Pink Moon

The pink moon has started from April 10th and will be visible until today, April 12th. The moon isn't actually pink, it was named this by Native Americans to record time and seasons. At the time of the first full moon of the Spring Equinox, wild ground phlox (also known as moss pink) is rapidly in bloom at the same time. The term “pink moon” is said to represent these popular springtime flowers. Other names for this moon are Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon or the Full Fish Moon.

Metaphysically, The April Pink Moon is about learning to see both sides of thing. Having compassion for yourself and others. It's a time of slowing down, stepping back and being patient. Take time to plan your dreams and goal before forging ahead. Be patient and gentle with yourself around this time until the next full moon.

Happy Wednesday

Light Shifts

I don't know about you guys but the fact that the days are longer and we have more light does wonders for me. Not to say that the darkness isn't calming and quiet and I need that sometimes. But there's something about coming out of the darkness of winter that is so opening to your spirit. We're having more sun here and a lot more light even when it's cloudy. It's refreshing and feels like renewal. I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the longer days. Here's a piece that reminds me of light shifts.

Happy Wednesday ❤

Dream Makers

So I did this thing. On the side. I thought I was in over my head even with just the idea and then I went for it. I hand picked a bunch of crystals. This may not sound like anything but for someone who already runs a business, adding one more thing to my list sounded like an insane thing to do. But I found myself talking a lot about rocks. Studying them, sharing knowledge, drawing them and gifting them. So I decided to start selling them. Now I have bunches and bunches of them. It took me a little bit to get this shop running. I like to take quality photos to show what you would actually be purchasing and I wrote metaphysical descriptions. If I can get the information, I share tiny bits of geology that I may know or find out about each rock. It's been a really fun ride so far. It feels so good to do something a little different and to be able to share something I do just for myself, with you. So enjoy my new side shop Dream Maker Crystals. I visit places often to pick rocks, so there will be shop updates from time to time. If you want to keep up on it, follow my instagram @dreammakercrystals and as always @adriennevita to stay on the up and up.

Happy Wednesday 💞