"The reading with Adrienne couldn't have come at a better time. Lately all my attempts to be true to myself seemed to only invite some harsh hits from the Universe and I started loosing faith and being under a dark cloud I couldn’t quite get rid off. Adrienne helped me to see the struggles and the necessary changes in my life with compassion, and shift from an absolute mounting fear and resistance into loving surrender and acceptance. I was still resisting what it truly means to be on a 9 path. My biggest paralyzing issue right now is money, and Adrienne helped me realize that my attitude towards it keeps sabotaging any steps to move forward towards my dream work and soul mission. I am incredibly grateful to have spoken to her, because hope is blooming again. An hour after talking to Adrienne I went outside and saw the most beautiful double rainbow I have ever seen in my entire life, found a gorgeous park atop a hill and bought myself a fiery rose. My soul is cautiously singing! Thank you very much Adrienne for your guidance." -Dariya K. Portland, OR

"I didn't know what to expect from an intuitive reading, but always feel that any input makes me think a little more about my own experiences from a new perspective. The reading I got from Adrienne was focused on my relationship status, and I found her insights to be spot on. The information I got was insightful and directed me towards further research to find out more about the parts that were most interesting. I liked the homework too and have been inspired by her directive. I would recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual guidance." -Katherine P. Portland, OR

"I went into the session with no expectations, not because I thought it was going to be bad, just that I wanted to be completely open to the experience. From the first sentence out of Adrienne's mouth, she was spot on. Everything she said rang true and I appreciated her guidance and suggestions on how to move forward. It's one thing to just be told something about yourself, but having homework gives you the tools to make changes and she did that. I found the session so extremely helpful and I'm grateful that she took the time to work with me!" -Caroline W. Raleigh, NC

"The reading I had with Adrienne was like connecting to a caring, loving, non judgmental soul friend. We started with my birth number and she explained what they meant. And from there we touched on a lot of areas in my life- past, present, and future. She was very insightful and spot on about the things in my life that I thought were deeply hidden. She brought them to the surface and gave it a much needed light. She suggested activities to help you connect to your inner self and gave suggestions that are practical in helping you to achieve your goals. Finally, she leaves you feeling like you are not alone in this life journey. And like what all wonderful guides do - she gives you homework to help you further along your path. Adrienne has my trust." -J. Kim Queens, NY

"First time getting a reading, I am stunned at how accurate it was. How connected I felt to her, in our brief conversation was remarkable. Highly recommend this to anyone interested in getting a reading." -Keith B. Portland, OR

"Have a note pad ready, for Adrienne gives a lot of useful advice.  She is very easy to talk with and to understand.  I feel that with the advice that I have been given, I can go forward with my life (which I feel has been very difficult lately) and have been given the skills to keep on going in the right direction. If you're looking for someone to help guide you I would HIGHLY recommend Adrienne." -Ann M.  Salida, CO

I had a phone reading with Adrienne in November.  She was insightful, thoughtful, and kind.  I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but was wonderful overwhelmed with all she had to say. She helped me gain some clarity on in relation to my past, present, and future.  We spoke mainly about my career she helped me see that it is the right choice for me and helped me figure out ways to make it more creatively fulfilling. She also helped me gain some wonderful perspective on a family member's passing, which was something I really needed.  She also did some wonderful follow up with me giving me great suggestions and guidance to build upon what we spoke about.  I would highly recommend having a reading done and refer back to it often. I even purchased a reading for my sister.  She also had a wonderful experience. Adrienne will give you more information than you thought possible to help you navigate your life.   Thank you Adrienne for sharing your gift with me! -Erin P. Chicago, IL 

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