A Holiday Break

Hello and Happy Holidays! Are you looking forward to the holiday break? I know I am! I've been doing this blog every Wednesday for 4 years straight, only taking one week off between Christmas and New Years. I love scheduling in weekly art and messages but there are some really cool projects that just came my way - I want to focus on them and unfortunately something has to give. I am going to take a 2 month break from scheduled weekly posts and I will resume on February 14th, 2018. I will be posting at random over on my instragram and the stories within that - so come over there and follow me in the meantime! You might see a sale or giveaway in between so stay tuned for that. I'll miss ya and I'll see ya in 2018!

Happy Wednesday

Hello December

Did you see the Supermoon on December 3rd? Scientists were saying it was bigger and brighter than our everyday moon we see. It was a nice entrance into the month of December for us. This week's moon was in Gemini, so if it stirred up some emotions and you and others will want to really voice it all. As the moon has been waning, you want to practice the art of picking and choosing your battles. Choosing the path of least resistance for yourself. Ask, is it worth it to freak out right now? Sometimes yet, sometimes no. In this space of deliberation, you can come to some clear thinking and calm. Whatever you decide, it's all about growth this week as the moon has moved into Cancer (softer energy) and will move into Leo (more energetic energy) tonight.

We are still technically in Autumn (winter starts on December 21st) but you can feel winter coming closer and closer. There's something about the colder months I've come to love... the regeneration of nature, the cozy bundles we wear to keep warm, hibernation and warm foods.  It's not been terribly cold yet and we've not had snow yet - but I am sure some parts of the world are covered in it. I love a good walk in the snow. Here is a piece of art that captures that.

Happy Wednesday 💞

Tarot for You

This week's card I pulled for you is The Star. I love this card, it's my favorite in the whole deck. This is a card of self confidence and self esteem. This is the kind of confidence and esteem that is not all puffed up or deflated. It is based in trust - the ability to trust in yourself. This card is all about deep inner trust, creative ideas, visions and experiences that radiate and draw you towards them. The Star is about growth and the true meaning of confidence.

This week and for the next 17 weeks or months, your focus is about increasing and maintaining self esteem and confidence. Notice even small accomplishments or just a general feeling of joy within you. Practicing positive thinking is just like exercising, whenever you find yourself going in a negative spiral, gently pull yourself to your center, take a deep breath and think of one positive thing that will help you switch your mind. If you are a runaway train with negative thoughts, that's ok too - hang on, because it will be over soon. Don't be so hard on yourself and trust you will always figure things out. And if you can't figure it out right now, that's ok too. Trust.

❤ Happy Wednesday

A Recipe For You

It's almost Thanksgiving and even though the original reason this holiday was created doesn't sit well with some Americans or Native Americans, we still celebrate as a way of giving thanks and appreciation. I wanted to send out much love and respect to the Native American people.

In honor of the general goof feeling of appreciation, I found this cute and simple recipe you can make and share with your family and friends. Enjoy.

Peace 💞

The Meanings in Tea

As the temperatures keep dropping, a favorite drink is tea. Anything from fruity, to rooibos, to vanilla or camomile. I can't really tolerate caffeine anymore so I tend to stay away from those kinds of teas but I remember gunpowder tea and green tea being so yummy. This week has been all about a combination of vanilla and rooibos tea - my favorite! Tea soothes, refreshes, gives energy and it can even give you time to pause and gain perspective.

If you mainly use bagged tea, stray leaves could still settle at the bottom of you cup; but loose tea will give you the strongest results to see an image. Look down into the bottom of your cup at the settled leaves, what do you see? What do the tea leaves look like to you? Your first impression is usually what appears to you. You can get your leaves read professionally, but it's just as easy to look up the meaning and get insight from your cup of tea - it may be just what you needed to hear. Did you see something? What's your favorite tea? Head on over to my instagram and share it!

Happy Wednesday ❤