Mushroom Fruition

I'm in the final stretch of finishing up a long project for the upcoming Surtex show in New York. I am so relieved to be in this stage of it and it got me thinking about all the preparation that goes into forming an idea in your mind and bringing it to fruition. So much imagining, thinking, writing, then sketching, then painting and combining it all into finished pieces. I hope that whatever you are working on is becoming real for you. If you are in the way beginning stages, don't fret in anyway because it all works out one way or another - and you might even have a few good surprises that come in along the way. And the bumps, yeah those just make the ride that much more interesting. This is one of my repeat patterns from a Ladies  Drawing Night. This was just a fun doodle that I ended up recreating into a pattern. Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday ❤