Tarot for You

This week's card I pulled for you is The Star. I love this card, it's my favorite in the whole deck. This is a card of self confidence and self esteem. This is the kind of confidence and esteem that is not all puffed up or deflated. It is based in trust - the ability to trust in yourself. This card is all about deep inner trust, creative ideas, visions and experiences that radiate and draw you towards them. The Star is about growth and the true meaning of confidence.

This week and for the next 17 weeks or months, your focus is about increasing and maintaining self esteem and confidence. Notice even small accomplishments or just a general feeling of joy within you. Practicing positive thinking is just like exercising, whenever you find yourself going in a negative spiral, gently pull yourself to your center, take a deep breath and think of one positive thing that will help you switch your mind. If you are a runaway train with negative thoughts, that's ok too - hang on, because it will be over soon. Don't be so hard on yourself and trust you will always figure things out. And if you can't figure it out right now, that's ok too. Trust.

❤ Happy Wednesday