Intuitive Reading - one hour with mp3 recording


Intuitive Reading - one hour with mp3 recording


I am truly honored and humbled by the stories, challenges and experiences you are going through. I am committed to helping you on your journey in life. This “Intuitive reading for one hour” is a live phone call that you and I will have, based on some information I need from you below. Buy now to schedule your reading. To see client testimonials, visit here and my blog for my Happy Wednesday posts.

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After purchasing your reading, PLEASE READ BELOW:

1. Contact me to schedule your appointment
2. Your phone number
3. Your full name (Please be sure to send your full name you currently use even if you’ve changed it legally – including middle name)
4. Your birth date (month-day-year)
5. Your questions if you have any
6. Your current email. I will send you the phone number and access code to get your reading recorded – you have the option to skip the recording too. (Please check your email promptly to get this all going in time for your appointment.)
7.  ✭✭ PLEASE NOTE ✭✭ – If you are buying this reading for another person, please send over your order information so they are aware you bought a reading for them and need to respond to the questions above.

Once your information is received, I will meditate on this information the night before your appointment to get messages for your reading. When you schedule your appointment with me, leave yourself the full hour of time for your reading. Turn off any digital distractions and put yourself in a quiet space where people or things aren’t distracting you. Your phone conversation will be recorded and I will email you the mp3 so you can go back and listen to the reading whenever or as often as you need to.


* A reading requires time preparation in advance – no refunds or cancellations of appointments entirely. Rescheduling your appointment is ok if you need to – please do so 24 hours in advance. Exchanges are ok if I haven’t started your reading yet. Exchanges can only be made if I haven’t started your reading.
* Please be prompt with contacting me to schedule after purchasing to ensure you get a spot soon.
* Make sure if I am calling a cell phone that your phone is turned on, your ringer is on and make sure you are getting service where you are sitting.
* It’s important to be there for your call. If you miss your scheduled appointment or are unreachable, you forfeit the ability to reschedule and I will email any work I’ve done and give you a written reading based on your questions.
* It’s also important to be prompt with scheduling your reading. If I don’t hear from you, I will email you up to 3 times (1 email a week) and then I won’t email anymore - scheduling your appointment will be up to you to contact me. Your reading is good only for 3 months from your purchase date. No refunds are available for this product so be sure to get what you paid for.