Hebdomadal Artwork

Each week I make sure I do a drawing for myself. I've been asked why weekly? Why not bi-weekly or at random? For me, weekly just feels right. Each week I have orders to fill, commissions to do and requests from art directors. I rarely get to share those projects online because they are being steered and debuted by another person. Don't get me wrong, I love work like that too, but I felt I needed to be consistent and do a piece for myself each week. It started off with me just doing art simply to post and share - and then some of them made it into the shop as prints for sale. It's been a fun journey with this blog - whether you read it here via newsletter or on my instagram, I'm really happy to be able to share it with you. One of the things I get asked about a lot is motivation and how can I find the time to fit it in. Some weeks it's a juggle but I look at it like exercising or brushing your teeth - it's a consistency that I've grown to crave in my life. I feel so much better for having started it and finished it. There's nothing better than raised endorphins after a workout, fresh minty teeth after a brush and a piece of artwork that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The inspiration behind this piece is from seeing an urban coyote for the second time. I was coming home late at night and it was in the street looking right at me. We both quietly acknowledged each other and went our own ways. Seeing this coyote made me think of wolves, which travel in packs, and usually deep in the wilderness. This little coyote travels alone in the city (you can check out the art piece I did about it a few back). Wolf animal totems mean deep intelligence, intuition, an appetite for freedom, community, loyalty and compassion.

Happy Wednesday

Leave No Trace

It's been a rough couple of weeks with Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and over 35,000 acres of Oregon's Columbia River Gorge are still on fire. The saddest part is the fire could have been avoided. A group of teenagers went into the woods and threw fireworks into a ravine immediately sparking a fire. They walked off doing nothing about it, but luckily they were seen and caught. Ash coming from over an hour away, has covered all of Portland. Even though we are known for our rains here in Oregon, we have very dry summers where fires can start on their own. With all the natural disasters happening right now, lots of people are in disbelief that something deliberate like this has happened.

Since the influx of people moving here to Portland, I've seen our gorge attract lots of new visitors to it like a playground. Sadly, I've also seen our nature spots being treated like a dumping ground too. The trails where you would rarely saw someone, now have parking issues and crowds of people. Some trails are still low traffic but the popular trails have some trouble with trash. I've seen leftover piles of garbage left at trailheads, soaked "pee" napkins left near where cars were parked, diapers shoved in crevices of hillside rocks, beer cans in the river, dog poo bags left on the side of the trails and cigarette butts everywhere near where people have parked. It's sad.

Littering begets littering. It's everyone's responsibility to take care of our planet. The teenagers who thoughtlessly tossed fireworks into a dry forest, know better. Most of the people on the trails are adults and know better. Let's teach our children well - taking care of nature is important for us and future generations. Here are some helpful tips about "Leave No Trace" when you are in nature at wilderness.org . If you would like to help by donating or volunteering, you can at gorgefriends.org/firfaq


Hot Spring Soak

There's less than 4 weeks left of summer and if you haven't gone anywhere or done something special for yourself - go do it! Even if it's a day trip or just an hour of your time - take the time to take a new road and try something new. We are having unusually hot weather for the summer's end here in Portland, so it's reminding me to try to squeeze a couple more fun things. Lately, I've had hot spring soaks on my mind. We have several natural hot water springs that are heated by volcanic activity. Not many people know this, but those pointy mountains we see here are volcanoes. Oregon is peppered with them. Some are dormant, some are active. At the very least, there are waters that bubble up to the surface and people have found some natural baths we can safely soak in. Have you been to a natural hot spring? I would love to know where you went! Come share in the comments on my instagram.

Eclipse Energies and Intentions

Whether you were in, near or far from the path of totality; I'm sure you heard about the buzz and maybe even experienced a buzz from Monday's total solar eclipse. Apparently there hasn't been one since June 8, 1918 where you could see it in The United States. I remember seeing a partial solar eclipse in New York back in 1994 and that was pretty fun. Eclipses not only effect the planets energies but it affects our body energies as well. People have intense emotional reactions, so if you cried, got spooked or shouted with sheer crazy joy; it's totally normal. I wanted to find out more about eclipses and how it energetically effects us. So, I found out the mystical meaning and what an eclipse does for us:

Because we are in a New Moon phase, this is always the time to set intentions and turn them into creative action. Don't worry if you don't act right away, setting intentions are good enough. When there is a total solar eclipse happening with the new moon, the sun ushers in a more positive vibe. So if you've had your heart or mind set on something and don't feel quite ready, this eclipse with push you towards it anyway - and for the good. It's not a time to prove anything or demand anything of ourselves but you will feel compelled to try something new, step outside of your comfort zone, take a new offer you hadn't considered before. Basically embracing change, with an open heart and an open mind. Ready or not, here you come!

Happy Wednesday