Trust in You

We've entered into September! This is a time of harvest, summer has grown it's fruits and it's time to collect and use for the winter. We have until September 23rd until the Autumn Equinox but fall is already on the brain! I can see it in my garden, in the trees, in the amount of daylight left and almost smell it. We talked about August being the month to go after your dreams and this carries into September. All the work you did this month, should yield some exciting and challenging energy. The planets are aligned to help you get closer to what you want, your calling, your true self - whatever your quest is. But how have your thoughts been? What are your inner mantras and beliefs? Remember, the Universe always has our highest good in mind so how have you been listening? Getting stuck in the past, negative thoughts, manipulating or controlling situations and blaming others are just some of the ways you can stay stuck. If you've found your true calling - great! Then you understand all the bumps are worth the risk. A lot of people don't know what their true calling is and some of us don't know why we are at a crossroad or standing in front a certain doorway... just know there are always reasons for everything in your life. Everyone has doubts, everyone has negative thoughts. Just weigh those thoughts and don't let them stop you from achieving your dreams. How will you trust your path? How will you trust in you?