Be Courageous

The planetary energies are in full swing this week! We are in Scorpio so there's nothing fake or vapid about anything around you. Scorpio energy will just not have it any other way. Have you had some things on your mind that you've been wanting to do but haven't sat down and figured out how it will come to fruition? Well, today is that day. Be it love or money or what have you, today's astro vibe is all about planning for the long term. This energy is one of major change but not radical, thoughtless change. Make what you wish a reality, especially if fear has been holding you back. Use this energy this week to get your feet out of the mud and move forward. If you are feeling anger, frustration along with fear, turn that energy into determination and courage. You can do this. So with that, these words are for you.

Also! If you can watch the Leonid Meteor Shower November 17 to 18 (midnight to dawn). Our waning moon will let the sky be dark enough to see them. Hopefully we won't have cloud cover here in Oregon!

❤ Adrienne