Infinite Possibilities

Happy Holidays! Christmas is next week and the New Year is coming shortly after. Because Wednesday's Wisdom will fall on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, I am taking two weeks off to encourage us all (and myself!) to stay off the internet and enjoy human connection on those two special days. For 2015, Wednesday's Wisdom will be changing just a little. I will lessen painting quotes and introduce more knowledge and drawings of various 'divination' items as a sort of 'study and learn' experience. I have learned so much since getting involved in mystical things since I was 16 years old. I thought it was high time to share it all and in my own way. So stay tuned for more art in the form of astrology, tarot, crystals and all otherworldly surprises. For this last Wednesday's Wisdom in 2014, the Moon enters Scorpio. There will be a little more intensity in our interactions and the need to confront issues is strong today. This need can also bring on the 'wanting' for crisis. Sometimes crisis can bring about moments of truth which can feel exciting. Mercury is in a creative aspect to Chiron in Pisces and the Moon is harmonizing with Neptune in Pisces. These planetary positions allow us to discern and know how, when and 'if' things need to be taken that far. We'll have some emotional intelligence today, allowing communications to be more compassionate and open. With this kind of sensitive energy, problem solving will have infinite possibilities.

❤ Adrienne