Self Love

In keeping with the love theme this month, I wanted to share something about self love. Self love is so important; without it you become disconnected from your true nature and you can't love others or the things you do fully. If it's difficult for you to find self love, then just be 'loving' in everything you do. Being loving can mean anything from watering your plants to taking a mineral bath to talking kinder to yourself (and about yourself) or taking a walk. You can also value your needs above others and put yourself first. This can be a hard one when you have family or work pressure but it can be done. It's important to know that there is always a way for you to get what you need. Embracing this belief changes your energy and you will always be taken care of. These are just general loving type things to do that don't involve the typical way we think of love around Valentine's Day. It takes practice but the more you exercise just being loving you will understand self love. So, be creative and inventive with ways you can be your natural loving self. Here is another piece called 'Self Love' from my Love and Magic show at Land Gallery here in Portland.

Enjoy! ❤ Adrienne