Law of Attraction

I wanted to talk briefly about the Law of Attraction. Do you believe we attract what we want and don't want by our thoughts? There are so many authors, bloggers and researchers that have written on this topic and there are so many ways to create the Law of Attraction. People often believe that what we think attracts what we will get - like attracts like. However, the Law of Attraction is really more about how we feel rather than what we think. Words are just words if your energy is not in alignment with it. It really takes practice to shift your thinking until it's felt vibrationally in your body. Practicing positive thinking as well as positive feelings are important. The company you keep can also influence your energy. I'm not saying to avoid negative or fearful people but practice keeping your vibration up until what they say doesn't affect you. So start off small. My favorite way to play the Law of Attraction game is with parking spaces. If you think about what you don't want - the Universe will give you more of that. If you practice visualizing yourself finding the perfect spot at the right time - the Universe will give you more of that. It's important to know that the Universe isn't decisive with what is given and not given to you. The Universe is just picking up what vibration you are giving out with your "antenna". So, it's important to care how you feel. If you're still waiting for your "parking spot", relax and don't be so hard on yourself. Know that everything is arriving for you at the perfect time.

This piece is from my show last month at Land. It's based off of Carl Sagan's quote "We are made of star stuff" and how we are made of stars and connected by energy.