While I love the rough and raw crystals in their true form, I've been really into crystal points (or wands as they are also called) lately. Points are traditionally used as healing tools but I just love the artistry that goes into them. In my rockhounding adventures, I've had the pleasure of meeting the artists who shape and polish these lovely stones. It truly is an talent to contour stones into sculpture. Points or wands are truly eye catching. Metaphysically, points have the ability to focus energy tightly through the tip. Pointed away from the body, it draws energy off. Pointed inward, it channels energy in. Double ended points can radiate or absorb energy at both ends simultaneously. Whether found in its raw state or artificially formed, the facets are so beautiful the way they catch the light. So I made a pattern out of two things I love - crystal points and flowers.  {Inspired crystals in order from left to right of the 6 in the center - amethyst, pineapple candle quartz, aqua aura, green fluorite, rainbow fluorite and clear quartz.} Enjoy!

Happy Wednesday ❤