I've been incredibly sick for the past week and a half. I do believe it's directly linked to the thoughts you think. If they're stressful thoughts, your body reacts in a fight or flight way which lowers your immune system and then you become susceptible to getting sick. Being unwell is kind of a strange thing because it allowed me appreciation for what it really is. Getting sick forces you to stop thinking, stop doing and just be. Not even all the Netflix movies can get you away from yourself. It's a beautiful thing how sickness forces you to take care of yourself and focus on yourself. When you're sick, you're stuck. And for this weeks art piece I felt stuck. Stuck because I have an upcoming art show where I need to make repeating patterns. While I love making patterns, I was feeling the pressure of the deadline and for some reason the pressure always makes me feel like drawing something else! When you're stuck it's because of two opposing thoughts are felt strongly at the same time and it puts you at an impasse. In my case, draw what I'm supposed to or draw what I want. So I sat with the stuck feeling until it came to me to go ahead and just start drawing what I wanted to. I really wanted to draw characters and then somehow a pattern showed up all by itself. You see, I didn't have to choose one or the other, just draw. I'm pretty pleased with the results that came from just giving myself a little time to get out of my own way. And there's always time. You can't not have the time to basically meditate to find an answer, to become unstuck or to be surprised. It was a good reminder to practice the art of allowing.

Happy Wednesday ❤