Upside Down

It's late as I'm writing this - I've heard and sat with the news that shocked America. Earlier today was a day full of celebrations of women, power suits, voting stickers and overall hopefulness. It was an unbelievably beautiful, warm and sunny day here in Portland which was a nice distraction during the day. Things didn't go as we hoped and I watched friends and family go into a downward emotional spiral. I tried to stay positive until the end while people told me I was fooling myself. Even if some may say "they told me so", I am really appreciative for the few others that remained positive too. This illustration originally had the words "congratulations" on it and was right side up. I turned it upside down not only because all of this feels surreal, but to be upside down also means "to hang in repose". In my repose, I came to this: yesterday's suckage has no bearing on who you are as a person or how you expand and move forward. It's so important to know that everything will be alright, no matter what happens. This is the best stance to take and the best place for your personal power to come from. Nothing is permanent, not even the holding of a position in the presidency for a full 4 years. Find comfort where you can and talk only of what you want. Stand tall, stand firm and hold on to your power. Trust that the Universe has our back and be the light that casts away the shadows for other people.