Summer is approaching fast and I'm already seeing lots of travel photos from friends and family. We all have a little wanderlust inside of us. Dreaming of a vacation can sometimes create a little bit of a longing feeling. That feeling of seeing something new, smelling new smells, getting out of autopilot to find new pathways is what we're all craving. A lot of Americans have trouble finding time to get away because of limited vacation days and funds - but there are so many ways to sneak in a mini getaway. Even if you can't leave town, take a new route home or spend time in a part of town or a neighboring town you don't know very well. I recently spent time in a new part of the town and it felt like I was in a new city! I heard someone say once "let's get a drink and pretend we're on vacation". I thought it was brilliant - because no matter where you are, vacationing is a state of mind.

If you do plan to get away, send me a really pretty postcard of where you are - I might just paint or draw it!

Happy Wednesday and Bon Voyage! ❤