The Chariot

Ever feel like you've got something coming up in your itinerary and you don't want to do it? You know how at times you feel inspired to action and sometimes you really don't. We are constantly told to "do what you love" but sometimes even the things you love cannot inspire you to action. These kinds of feelings can cause you to question things. But question not, because all it is is that you are not energetically in the right place at the moment. Anything you don't want to do is only because you tell yourself you "have to" instead of you "get to". You've just got a little static in your vibration, so you've got to find a way to connect with yourself to move forward. It's your right to thrive and move forward, so it's up to you to listen and feel for the moment to inspired action.

Today's card I pulled is The Chariot. It's the major Arcana card that embodies the meaning of moving forward. It's not about aimlessly moving forward but having undivided attention towards your goals, desires and dreams. Focused intent with boundaries will tell you how far you can possibly go, so don't waste your time worrying about others perceptions or pressures to push you even further. This is a card of a lot of energy. The Chariot is charged up and ready to go! So if you're feeling a little lack-luster and unmotivated today, take the time to get centered and in alignment with your end desire before you get ready to move forward.

Happy Wednesday ❤