Tarot Card for Today

I wanted to share The Fool card today around the idea of embracing who you are without fear. Many of us won’t even try something new for fear of failure or looking bad to others. Often this card can be met with ambivalence but it’s actually a really cool card. The Fool represents the child within us. He stands for spontaneous new beginnings, curiosity and open-mindedness without prejudice. The Fool also symbolizes playful lightheartedness and living a life full of joy and free from care. Whether this stance is a refusal to grow up or the wise realization that our lives can’t be determined by another – this cannot be decided by this card, only by you. Even if he falls flat on his face, there is no true danger – The Fool is not foolish or fool-hardy. He is courageous and risk-taking. He comes across as fearless even if he feels fear. This card is excellent to meditate on all these things and embrace the true essence of who you are. Someone once told me this wise piece of advice – “the key to a happy life is to release the fear of looking like a fool along the way”.

Happy Wednesday ❤