Out of the Ordinary

So I've been changing things up in my studio. It's been nothing to write about but has been massively satisfying. From recycling unused things, donating them, selling them to re-organizing the new stuff to fit nicely with the old stuff. In the process, I got a new computer and there have been some bumps that have been pretty frustrating - mostly due to cords being outdated to the new technology - which has caused my scanner to not operate with my new system. Without getting to technical, I usually scan my watercolors into the computer to be digitized in some way. This week I can't do that, so I was pushed into making a piece of art completely digital. I've done completely digital work before but decided to move back into painting about 10 years ago. I've used digital as a compliment to my analog work but this was something out of the ordinary to create all digital work to look the way I wanted it to. With all the fun, came some challenges - (mostly the struggle with myself) but I managed to make something pretty close to what I would paint with real watercolors. So enjoy - you may be seeing a couple more of these digital works until my new hub comes in. I hope this inspires you to try something new today.

Happy Wednesday ❤