Caramel Apple Pie Bread

It's 12 more days until The Spring Equinox and counting. Even though I'm loving the crocus' coming up and the daffodils starting to bloom a little early - it's still a little chilly out there. Good thing I can still bake a little bit more before it's too warm to run the oven a lot. I've been watching some back seasons of The Great British Baking Show and even though I can't eat anything on the show or even find anything remotely appetizing - I watch the show anyway. I learn a few things from the show about bakes being underbaked, close-textured, too dry and so on. A lot of it I can't totally apply to gluten free baking but I can on some things. I wanted to make an apple bread that was grain free, dairy free and low on sugar, so I found this recipe. It's totally healthy, it's sweet and you don't feel cracked out after you eat it. If you're interested in making this, it's worth it. It's really like apple pie in a cake-like bread form! So delicious. Happy baking!

And Happy Wednesday ❤