Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice began late last night at 9:24 pm [PST] and early this morning at 12:24am [EST]. We are going to experience the longest day of sunlight in the year today in the Tropic of Cancer north of the equator. As we move into the zodiac sign of Cancer on the 22nd you'll need to take note of what your emotions are telling you. Cancerian's are the mother of the zodiac, so this will be a month of caring, sharing and great compassion. Take care of yourself, be aware of your emotions and be patient with yourself. On June 23rd we move into a New Moon which is full of energy and ambition - it's a great time to meditate on your dreams and intentions. Summer is my favorite time of year and I endlessly dream of warmer climates and now Portland has finally warmed up. I hope you are feeling summery today - go get your vitamin D and soak up the sun!

Happy Wednesday 💞