Summer Life

Can I just say.... I love summer! I don't even care if it gets really hot, I just love warmer weather. I am a summer baby and I love all the little critters that come out to play during this time. These are insects I've met recently and some from long ago (I haven't seen a praying mantis since I was a kid!). There are animal totems for each, so I'm going to give some short meanings of each starting with the top:

Banana slug - enjoying life, taking one's time, abundance
Ant - community, discipline, endurance
Moth - awareness, transitions, discernment, finding your own light
Dragonfly - beautiful balance, releasing old habits, freedom
Beetle - rebirth, trust in the process, persistence
Butterfly - major transformations, joy, gentleness, change in life
Grasshopper - trusting your own instincts and rhythms, taking chances, intuition
Ladybug - manifestation, charm, communication, prosperity
Fly - journey not the destination, strength, courage, independence
Praying Mantis - calmness, meditation, creativity, patience
Woolley Bear - weather prediction, longevity, protection, cycles
Firefly - life force, guidance, understanding
Caterpiller - transformation, perfect timing, preparedness
Bee - productivity, empowerment, agility
Mosquito - art of timing, progression, rest, revitalization
Spider - balance, gentleness, strength, creative manifestation

I hope one of these little guys comes across your path!

Happy Wednesday 💞