Be Who You Are

We're almost through with August and the energy this month has been about going after dreams! Have you been utilizing this time to go after what you really want? Have you been stepping into your truth? Or have you been in doubt, jealousy and procrastination? I can't express it enough to take at least a week to slow down, restrict device distraction time (or any distraction of any kind) so you can sit in the quiet. If you are feeling lost and you just can't figure out what you really want - you will only get clear on it if you sit in silence. I know, I know you're busy - but you can set aside 20 minutes! Everyone has 20 minutes every day. It's whether you will take the time to give yourself self-love. Remember, the Universe loves you and has your highest good always in mind. In life we have opportunities to show up for ourselves. There are a lot of teachers, a lot of writers, a lot of artists, a lot of house builders. How are you going to stand out amongst all the people? Just by being you. Each and every one of us has a unique voice. Are you going to be you or be a version of someone else? I found this quote to remind you to stay on target, do what you want to do and do it in your own way. Now's the time to be working it! Enjoy! ❤ Adrienne