Your True Calling

We are in Leo right now and with all the planetary action in Leo as well, it's all about stepping into your truth, self love and happiness. The moon was in Pisces yesterday which is very drifty and dreamy and how conscious you are. Are you listening to your signs? What is blocking your transformation in your life? How are you embracing or avoiding the things you need to be doing and why? Today the moon has moved into Aries and it's time to take action. It's time to get on your true path, even if it's really scary. Learn to decipher your fear, your stress, your anxiety. Learn what is real fear and what is just feelings that are normal for motivation. Everybody is afraid, everybody has stress and everybody has anxiety. Don't get confused by those feelings and let them stop you. Recognize them, be brave and take action. The more you step into your truth, things will go really well for you. The more unconscious you are, the more you will see things that of an unhappy vibration around you. I found this quote to remind us to go after what we really want and embrace your true calling. Your truth is calling; you just have to be quiet to hear it. ❤ Adrienne