For you

We've just entered into August and this is the month of intense planetary energy where we'll feel that it's important to step into our truth. I picked this quote today to better understand when life throws you curve balls. Really, life is happening for you, not to you. Everything that's happened - be it success, failure, tragedy, heartbreak, or miracles; it all happens for you. The bad stuff is just to show us contrast to the good stuff that happens in our lives. I'm sure you've heard that with success comes many failures. I just learned today that success and failure are not on separate paths, but the same one. When you fail, it just means that success is further down the road. When we don't succeed, the feelings around that failure are only about that one isolated incident and what we can learn from it. It doesn't define us. Remember this when you put yourself out there and go after your dreams. This month's planetary action is all about that. Go big! I know, all outcomes are uncertain. It's better to have tried than sit on the sidelines watching. Go after what you really want, be brave and go for it!