A Total Lunar Eclipse and You

Did you get to check out last night's early morning Total Lunar Eclipse? I hope you did! Lunar Eclipses are not only an awesome phenomenon but they have lots of energetic meaning for us humans on the planet. A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, the earth are perfectly aligned. The earth is sits in the middle, causing the suns light to cast a shadow from earth falling on the full moon. What is so great is we don't need a telescope but can see it with the naked eye, providing you have no cloud cover! Lunar eclipses are powerful energetically. It will feel like some big changes need to happen in your life right now. Relationships of all kinds will feel like they are being tested. It's important to think before you speak and carefully choose your words. The full moon is in Aries so you will want to go go go! But we are in Libra which also makes us want to weigh things out. This can cause conflict which you may have felt over the past couple of days. Just try to stay calm and prepare for the new. If you've a fixed idea and want to push ahead; it's best to relax, wait, trust and see. Yes, Lunar Eclipses bring up alot of fears, anxieties and insecurities. It's best to stay in the energy of letting go, trusting, being cautious and listening right now. This will help you know if the direction you want to go is a reaction out of fear or for your true highest good.

So in honor of being a moon child myself and just how amazing the moon is, I made this for you.

❤ Adrienne