Being Ready

Welcome October! We have a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio coming up on October 4th and this one will be all about getting to the bottom of things. No sweeping things under the rug here. But no fear, I always think Mercury in Retrograde is blown way out of proportion, if you know what's up you can navigate bad communication and travel mishaps pretty easily. Even if you have to sign a contract during that time, it may be beneficial since everyone knows about Mercury Retrograde now. You may just get that job or house you've been wanting because everyone else backed out! Just stay grounded, keep your eyes and ears open and you'll do just fine. Mercury Retrogrades are always great times to reflect and get organized, so use it to your advantage. With Pluto going direct and this planet energy being all about taking a big step and moving to the next chapter in your life; it can bring up feelings of not being ready. But who is, really? People often say this kind of thing when a baby shows up in their lives, or when you start a new job... Think about all the times you've gone through with something despite having feelings of unpreparedness. Some things end up going smoothly and some things don't - remember it's all part of your journey and you know in your gut if you're on the right path.

❤ Adrienne