I Can See Your Aura

You have an aura, I have an aura, and plants and animals have auras too. Some people have the gift to see them. You can do this by being in a relaxed meditative state, shift your eye focus or just naturally see them without effort. You can research which method works best for you and find the different meanings of each color. It's really fun to try. If you can't get the hang of it right away, there is photography. The aura is made energetic layers each with its own frequency. The colors of your aura are ever changing so it depends on your thoughts, feelings, other people, environments, whats happening in your body, your life, etc. There's a company floating around town called Radiant Human and they are taking peoples picture of their auras using a special camera with hand sensors. The way the camera works is; the hand sensor contact points connect with certain organs of the body, as well as measure the electromagnetic field of the person. The hand sensors measure differences in temperature, humidity and static electricity in the environment and the person. A radiant colorful aura field is then captured on a Polaroid. It's really fun if the person taking your picture can give you an accurate reading of the meaning of your colors. I got one done a long time ago in New York City, along with a reading that was pretty accurate. It's so much fun.

What color would your aura be?

Enjoy! ❤ Adrienne