The Lovers

In keeping with the love theme until the 14th of this month, I wanted to introduce The Lovers tarot card. This card is the 6th card in the Major Arcana and usually is packed with lots of mythological symbols. This card represents relationships, choices, a temptation of the heart, a choice of potential partners or raw desire. The planets often associated with this card are Venus (love and pleasure), Jupiter (luck, success and generosity and Mars (physical energy and sex drive). There are lots of decks out there that rely on the symbols for easy card reading but there are lots of 'art decks' too. Here is my version of The Lovers Tarot. This piece is in my upcoming show at Land Gallery here in Portland. If you aren't here in town this Friday February 6th for the opening reception; you can catch and purchase pieces for the month of February and at this link when it goes live. Enjoy!

❤ Adrienne