I've been walking through some of my pieces from my Love and Magic show over the past few weeks. The show was one month long and the pieces had their titles but there was so much more meaning behind each piece - so I am sharing here on my blog. This is one of my favorites from the show and it's called 'Readiness'. Being ready sparks a lot of emotion - it can be anything from fear and anxiety to eagerness and anticipation. The thing I mostly wanted to talk about with this piece and readiness, is how much importance we place on 'being ready', as humans. If we aren't ready for whatever reason, we probably won't do it. If we are ready, we can be excited about it. If we are vacillating, the phrase 'ready or not here I...." comes into play. The most important thing to note about being ready is how you feel. We don't know how the journey will unfold which can stir up a lot of emotions.  What story do you set up for yourself? Is it usually a story of trepidation or willingness or is it a mixture of both? You can research a bunch, turn every stone and be the most prepared person on the planet but your emotions are often the deciding factor when you're standing at the precipice. No one can be totally and completely ready for anything but it's your eagerness to see what's down the road for you that gets you going. When you're eager, your excitement bubbles and the unknown is less scary and becomes more of an adventure. This is my interpretation of 'readiness', with all the swirling emotions that go with it.

Enjoy ❤