Into the Light

We just entered into our Spring Equinox this past Friday. Here in Portland, we got a jump start on our flower blooms in early March but I'm sure the rest of the country is catching up now. The days are getting longer and we have more daylight well into 7 o'clock. Spring is a time of moving out of winter's hibernation, change your wardrobe, eat different foods, spend time outdoors or get the yard ready for plantings. Seeing color, light and being able to be outdoors more often lifts moods and sparks energy. Spring is also a time for coming up with new ideas and planning how to execute them soon. I love this time of year, mostly because the flowers are so pretty and fragrant. And I know Summer is just around the corner (my favorite season). Oh, but I can't put down Winter! I love Winter too with all it's long blustery weather, big scarves, hot soups and heavy blankets. I feel because of Winter, Spring is so much more joyful to experience. This piece from my show at Land is called 'Into the Light' and it reflects this sentiment.