This week I wanted to talk about daydreaming. Do you believe in it or allow yourself to do it? Do you set aside time to daydream for yourself? Society puts down daydreaming as a waste of time. Some call it fantasy, delusions or wishful thinking. I think daydreaming is super important as a way to feel good right in the moment. Your daydreams can be anything you want, they can be happy moments in your reality or visions of what you want for your future. The key is to stay away from negative thoughts of your past or fears of your future - then it's not daydreaming anymore but more languishing or fear projections. Daydreams are pleasant distractions and that is ok. It's important to allow time in your mind for yourself. Revel and use your imagination. Whatever you visualize or think about, can sometimes become a reality if you think about them long enough. Imagination and creative visualizing is truly a powerful thing. I just found out that Tim Gunn daydreams every Sunday. This piece 'Dream Lovers' is from my show at Land and reflects the feelings of the joy of daydreaming. Do you daydream? ❤