The concept of freedom is something I wanted to talk about this week. When we think of freedom, some may think of governmental freedom, the power to act, speak or think as one wants or the state of being physically unrestricted. Whatever point of view you take, freedom really boils down to the feeling of ease, openness, independence and in some cases power. In life, there is family stuff, work stuff, laws and things that can feel like limitations and restrictions to personal freedom. But it's your mind that allows you to be free within the form. Freedom comes from within. Instead of saying you have to, tell yourself that you get to. How you choose to look at it helps to know you have choices.

Feeling free involves trust too. Pushing for things without using your intuition can create a lot of struggle. Letting go of the need to control events, yourself or others can help free things up. It's really liberating to let yourself and others off the hook. Give yourself the gift of ease in the moment you feel restriction. Every choice you made and every step you have taken in your life has brought you to the place you are now. You are where you are. You've done your best with what you know and there is no right or wrong path in life.

This piece is called Freedom and expresses the feeling of freedom within form.

❤ Adrienne