This is one of the last pieces from my show at Land and it's probably one of my favorites because it was the first piece I made for the show. It's called Abundance and this week I wanted to talk about that very thing. Abundance by definition means a very large quantity of something. When we think of abundance we think about having a lot of stuff... but it can be so much more than that. When humans think of success or happiness, we talk of getting the goal, having the stuff, getting the girl/guy, having the most... Abundance certainly means those things. But you can also have an abundance of love, gratitude or happiness. It doesn't necessarily pertain to having a tangible object. It can be more about a state of being. If you look around and you don't see or feel abundance, realize it doesn't even have to be about your reality either. I say this because I've seen people, who from the outside seem like they don't have much, have so much more in their inner well being. So find where you have abundance, even if it's future visions or getting creative in your imagination. Abundance is everywhere.

❤ Adrienne