True Voice

This week I wanted to talk about having a true voice. We've all seen a lot in life. We've been bumped around enough, compare ourselves to others, look to others for feedback, and in some cases hold ourselves back. All of your joy, your impulses, your solution for yourself, your true voice all comes from getting aligned with yourself. Having a true voice simply means it's coming from you. You can never be untrue, say the wrong thing or be inauthentic because whatever you speak is coming from you. So let's talk about self worth. When you look to others to help make you feel better, remember it isn't anyone's job to make you feel good or help you figure out who you are. If you keep looking outside yourself, measuring yourself by what your peers are going through, or caring about the opinions of others - this doesn't make your voice less true. It just makes you not feel good. The highest source of opinion comes from you, never anyone else. And it takes practice. Really and seriously not giving a shit what anyone thinks takes practice. You'll meet with resistance because there is control from others. They'll want you to stay in the ascribed role you're in so it may feel like all hell is breaking loose when you start to change. But you can't give up! Because you can never please anyone. I say this because if someone needs to be pleased and it's dependent on your behavior - they are simply "unpleasable".

So when you feel a little wobbly about yourself, remember those times when you spoke your truth. When your feelings didn't get hurt, you felt good in your own skin and you made easy decisions. Remember those times and the feelings surrounding it. You really can't care what anyone thinks because they aren't you. Even the person closest to you or your family - it doesn't matter what they think. The most important relationship is between you and you. And you've got to be true to yourself. Stay true to you. ❤