Dreaming Big

This week I wanted to talk about dreaming big. When you get an idea that seems so big, so idealistic that it's almost out of reach; one of two things happen... you either focus your intention and eventually make it happen; or you or others talk yourself out of it. Big dreams are exactly that - they are sometimes so big, so lofty that you can't wrap your mind around how to get there. The biggest part I've learned is to just keep dreaming. Whether it's creatively visualizing, meditations, sketching or writing it down... just do that. Don't worry about "how" to get there. It's all in the focus, that the ideas of the next step unfold when they're supposed to unfold. If every dream came to you in full force with all the paths and instructions all laid out, where would the fun be? So remember, if you've got something big cooking up in your mind; don't make it so big. By that I mean, dream big but not make it so important that you get lost in the details of how. Be easy on yourself. Because in that ease comes the letting go. And in the letting go comes the next idea and the next and the next. The gradual unfolding will feel as easy as floating down a river.