Lining Up with Your Choices

This week I wanted to talk about indecision. The question "should I or shouldn't I" couldn't feel more uncomfortable. I think as humans, we put so much weight on our choices that we end up second guessing ourselves. Most of the time, the first choice we think of is the right one. And it never means the one you didn't choose was bad, it's more about lining up your energy with your choice. By this I mean, putting your thoughts towards what you choose and empowering your decision is really what it's all about. Whatever you decide - find the delight and revel in the choice you made. Life is all about choices and how beautiful is that? Sometimes the choices can feel really big and life changing. Fear of making the wrong choice usually comes up. The most important thing to remember is whatever comes up first, if it feels good now, don't labor over it and just line up with it. It's that laboring, contradictory energy that makes any choice so hard. It's as simple as just allowing and being at peace with whatever you decide.

Happy Wednesday!