This week I wanted to talk about contentment. I'm sure you felt it before - that feeling where everything is right where it supposed to be, you're right where you're supposed to be. You don't have to be on a tropical island or have things perfect to achieve this. It's that feeling that all is good and nothing has to change to feel any better. Don't you just love that feeling? The flip side of contentment is usually complaining. You know that feeling - where you're just grumbling, griping, vocalizing or just simply feeling all the negativity about things you usually can't control. If you're feeling like you've just got to unload on someone or you'll explode, think about it before you do it. No one likes to hear complaining. And why? It's usually a one way street and the other person is just a sounding board who gets so worn down from it, they jump on that complaining level with you. There is nothing wrong with negative thoughts - they're just clarifying what you don't like, so you know what you do like. If you want to share something that's going on, there has to be some intent and resolution or the conversation serves nobody.

Some people are so used to not feeling good and complaining has become a socially acceptable way of venting or releasing negative thoughts. The reason people feel they need to vent is because it feels big and it's what they're focusing on. If they're focusing on all the crap stuff going on, feeling good just seems further and further away. And complaining begins to feel more normal. For instance, getting stuck in traffic or crappy drivers - that can really bring up some vocal gripes without even realizing it. There are so many other things to focus on than getting frustrated over something you can't control. It takes practice but little by little, if you just reach for the best thought you can find about the active subject, is how you can shift into contentment. By reaching for the best of it, instead of the worst of it. If you beat the drum of what's good about something, it's just as infectious as beating the drum of what's crappy about something.

Today's stone is Black Tourmaline. If you need a little help with negativity, this is a great stone. It's known for helping with negativity but also keeps complainers at bay if you need help with that side of it too.

Stay content my friends ❤