Happy Halloween

We're in the week of Halloween! Such a fun time to celebrate costumes, folklore, gourds, squashes and all things spooky. When I was a kid my costumes varied every year from those store bought 1970's plastic masks with the paper-like body smock; to being a witch, a ghost, and a punk rocker. I went through periods where I stopped dressing up and then resumed again if there was some kind of fun party. So then came the washed-up debutante, a hairdresser (complete with husband wearing a smock and an f'd up wig), Rosemary with her devil baby, a baton twirler, J. Woww,  Edith Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens, a scary masked ghost, a fortune teller and then Molly Ringwald from the movie Sixteen Candles. This year I'm keeping it low key with making a pumpkin pie, setting out a few pumpkins on my stoop and watching some thrillers and scary movies. I'm really enjoying seeing the kids wearing their costumes a few weeks in advance and I love seeing them walk around the neighborhood gathering candy. :)

What are you up for All Hallows Eve? I'd love to hear about it.

Trick or treat! ❤