This week I wanted to talk about the crystal Selenite. If you've ever held one of these stones you will notice it has a chalky feel to it. The word "selenite" comes from the greek root word for "moon". Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum and is a hydrous calcium sulfate. It's minerals, formed by evaporating salt water in land locked bodies isolated from the open ocean, were one of the first ones formed. It's a very soft stone and very beautiful in its unusual formations. Selenite usually comes in stick or wand shapes. It can be sculpted into shapes or carved to allow candle light to illuminate through it. Selenite is great remover of negativity and any blocks to healing. It's a protection stone and aids in strengthening truth and intuition. It's a special stone to have around your house, as it clears other stones naturally if you place them near or on it.

Desert Rose is in the Selenite family but round in shape and almost fibrous looking. Desert Rose is a great stone to strengthen the power of positive affirmations. It brings mental clarity and intuitive perception. It's also used to quiet worries and still the mind from distractions and busy thoughts.

Another in the Selenite family is Golden Ray or Sunset Gold Selenite. It has similar fibrous "fins" like the desert rose but more cluster like shape. This stone is a beautiful high vibration type stone that brings love, joy and trust in your life. It is said that if you trade or gift selenite to someone, it can reconcile relationship differences.

All three of these Selenites are ones to collect so check out any of these stones if you can!

Enjoy ❤