Trust Your Gut

Let's talk this week about trusting your gut. By this I mean, you set the tone of your energy which then directs the course of your moment, your day, and even your life. In this culture, we seem to be heavily focused on the outside world and not enough on our own energy. One way is getting too much in your head or asking too many questions to others which can result in losing your inner guidance when you need it most. It's totally understandable why we all do it sometimes. The outer world is easy to focus on, it's tangible, it moves in real time and it can be intoxicating. If people give you wonderful feedback, it feels great and on some level you feel validated. But honestly all it means is they were simply in a good mood when you had your interaction with them. Sure, it hurts to get rejection and it feels really good to get praise. But you can't hinge anything on your audience or the outside world. If you pay too much attention to your audience, your relationship with yourself starts to wobble. You give your power away and it dims your true voice. Audiences are diverse and fickle. You never know what mood they're in or where their coming from or if they've eaten that day yet or anything! So why care what they think? What they think (positive or negative) has so so so little to do with you. One person's opinion is just that - an opinion. It doesn't make it true for you. Caring less about what others think takes practice - and soon you'll find that your relationship with yourself is the only thing that matters. Do what makes you happy, trust your gut and give zero f*cks about it! This portrait is of style icon Iris Apfel who constantly follows her gut and her bliss.

"I don’t dress to be stared at, I dress for myself." ~ Iris Apfel